Research show that when new mums have practical support at home in the days, weeks and months following birth, they are:


  • more successful at breastfeeding.
  • less likely to suffer from postnatal depression.
  • more confident in their role (DONA International 2008).


Mums report that they feel well-rested, calm, and more positive following a visit from their New Mums' Helper.


Dads also feel more comfortable about returning to work knowing their family is being cared for.


"I really look forward to my New Mums' Helper visits.  I can be having a really bad day, but if she is coming tomorrow, I know that everything will be ok."  Sam


"I love being a mum and I am lucky to have great support from my husband.  But after some sleepless nights I was just feeling exhausted.  It was so good just to be able to have a nap, knowing my New Mums' Helper was there to help out.  Just to know she was available to help out at any time was a fantastic safety net for our family."   Jenny


"My baby was colicky and cried a lot.  I thought I was well prepared for this baby stuff, but sometimes I just didn't know what else to try.  It was good to be able to see how my New Mums' Helper settled (my baby) - just to have some different methods to try.  And knowing she was coming each week was a sanity-saver for me."    Mandy


"I just feel as though I can greet my husband with a smile when he walks in, instead of being overtired and exhausted."  Jan


"My New Mums' Helper just fitted in with our routine.  She was flexible and easy going."    Kate


"It gave me a whole new outlook on life!  Before I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but now I know I can have a visit from my New Mums' Helper and feel so much more calm and on top of things.  And that is so much better for our family!"   Lou


"I was able to talk with my New Mums' Helper and ask her anything.  She gave me good advice about how to encourage (my baby) to sleep for longer during the day.  And she showed me exactly what to do to help settle her."   Aimee


"It is great to have someone to talk to who is calm and experienced, but does not push her ideas onto me, just supports me to do things my own way."  Julie


"I am looking forward to your next visit already and thinking about how I can use the time!"   Melina


"(My baby) was unsettled because I was on antibiotics.  It was very useful to see how my New Mums' Helper held him over her arm to soothe his tummy."   Joanna


"My New Mums' Helper is so easy to talk to and she is interested in hearing how we have been going.  It is great to have a chat and she is really encouraging and supportive.  She even contacted me between visits to see how things were going."   Danae


"I felt refreshed and relaxed - just to catch up on some things aound the house.  Can't wait 'til next time!"   Emma



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“I still remember the first time Gina came to my house and the relief I felt as soon as she walked in the door.  With no family in Brisbane I had no support to call on in those early sleep deprived weeks and was lacking confidence in my role as a new mum.  Gina was a listening ear, someone to ask questions to and hand my bundle of (screaming) joy over to so I could have some, much needed, time to myself.  She is such a warm, caring and knowledgeable person who just makes you breathe easier when there; she is not only a baby carer but also a mum carer.

It was through having the support of Gina that got me through the tough times and helped me be a better mum for taking care of myself; my only regret is not calling her sooner.  I now understand the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"... we are not meant to struggle on our own.”

Hayley from Bardon QLD     

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