In almost every culture around the world, there are traditions surrounding the important post-natal period.  While some details of these traditions vary, they all focus on experienced mothers nurturing the new mum and helping with the baby for three or four months after the birth.  This special care helps mum and baby to thrive in a happy and relaxed environment.  But in our busy Western society many of these traditions have been lost.  Now New Mums' Helper can remedy this.

We understand the needs of a new mum having had many years of mothering experience ourselves.  We can support you as you care for your new baby; and we can look after your baby so you can relax, heal, and have some time to yourself to do whatever you need to do.  We can also help with any non-medical, practical household tasks. Please note: we are not a professional cleaning service, but we are happy to organise one if that is something you need.


Here are just some of the ways we can help a new mum:

  • Watch over baby while mum has a rest or takes a shower.

  • Accompany mum and baby to medical appointments.

  • Take the baby for a walk to give mum some time to herself.

  • Provide advice on establishing routines if requested.

  • Do the shopping and/or prepare a meal.

  • Help to look after young siblings.

  • Arrange a nappy service.

  • Make mum a cup of tea or a snack.

  • Run errands.

  • Help set up online grocery shopping.

  • Help settle baby if mum requests.

  • Accompany mum and baby on shopping excursions.

  • Provide information on the development of infants and children.

We strive to meet the individual needs of every mum in whatever her requirements are.



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“I still remember the first time Gina came to my house and the relief I felt as soon as she walked in the door.  With no family in Brisbane I had no support to call on in those early sleep deprived weeks and was lacking confidence in my role as a new mum.  Gina was a listening ear, someone to ask questions to and hand my bundle of (screaming) joy over to so I could have some, much needed, time to myself.  She is such a warm, caring and knowledgeable person who just makes you breathe easier when there; she is not only a baby carer but also a mum carer.

It was through having the support of Gina that got me through the tough times and helped me be a better mum for taking care of myself; my only regret is not calling her sooner.  I now understand the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"... we are not meant to struggle on our own.”

Hayley from Bardon QLD     

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