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Gina Swan

Phone: 0411 984 063

Queensland Teacher Registration:  588836

Positive Exemption Card:  314827/4 (Blue Card)

ABN: 238 346 366 24

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Ph 0411 984 063


“I still remember the first time Gina came to my house and the relief I felt as soon as she walked in the door.  With no family in Brisbane I had no support to call on in those early sleep deprived weeks and was lacking confidence in my role as a new mum.  Gina was a listening ear, someone to ask questions to and hand my bundle of (screaming) joy over to so I could have some, much needed, time to myself.  She is such a warm, caring and knowledgeable person who just makes you breathe easier when there; she is not only a baby carer but also a mum carer.

It was through having the support of Gina that got me through the tough times and helped me be a better mum for taking care of myself; my only regret is not calling her sooner.  I now understand the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"... we are not meant to struggle on our own.”

Hayley from Bardon QLD     

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