Code of Ethics


New Mums' Helper operates according to our Code of Ethics.  All of Helpers are trained to:


  • Provide positive and non-judgementals support.
  • Encourage parents to trust their own instincts.
  • Follow mum and dad's guidance when looking after their baby. We maintain your routines for feeding, settling and sleeping to ensure consistency.
  • Maintain absolute client confidentiality.
  • Provide suggestions and information only when requested by parents. 


Here is our Code of Ethics:


New Mums' Helper offers the services of a small, select group of special women who are committed to providing all the support and encouragement any new mum needs.  They are experienced mums themselves, who are passionate about providing care to new parents because they know this can be a challenging time, and new parents can sometimes feel overtired, isolated and vulnerable.


We aim to enhance the confidence of every new mum and dad and encourage them to trust their instincts.  We provide reassurance that they are doing a great job and encourage them to see the evidence of a generally happy baby who is having plenty of wet/dirty nappies, is well-covered and putting on weight.  We confirm that some behaviours, such as crying for no apparent reason, or difficulty settling to sleep, are completely normal for young babies. 


And we reassure them that many new parents sometimes are overcome with exhaustion, tears and uncertainty as well as intense adoration of their gorgeous new baby.  All of these feelings are part of being a new parent, and every parent experiences them.  We promote the involvement of partners, family and friends and we can show them where to find professional help if needed.


If mum or dad requests help in settling, sleeping or feeding the baby, we can offer gentle suggestions for ideas to try.  We would never say "This is what you should be doing."  Instead we would say "What have you tried?  Have you thought about ..."


Often new parents feel bombarded by statements from other well-meaning people or by information from books or the internet.  There are so many different opinions on caring for babies and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of which path to take.  We simplify this by asking "What do you think about it?"  We acknowledge how many different opinions there are, but emphasise that each family needs to do what works for them.  We say "You decide what works for you.  If you find something that sounds reasonable, sure, try it out.  It is makes a difference, great!  If not, stay with what works for you."


We always follow mum and dad's guidance when looking after their baby.  We maintain their routines for feeding, settling and sleeping, because they know their baby best and we want to keep consistency in the baby's experiences.  When we first arrive to help mum, we ask "What would you like to do while I am here?  What would you like me to do?"  We endeavour to help each new mum in whatever way she needs.  And we always ask her before we take the baby from her arms.  Because our main aim is to support mum in her role of taking care of the baby.


Underlying all of our interactions with mum, dad and baby is a strong emphasis on hygiene and maintaining a child safe environment.


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“I still remember the first time Gina came to my house and the relief I felt as soon as she walked in the door.  With no family in Brisbane I had no support to call on in those early sleep deprived weeks and was lacking confidence in my role as a new mum.  Gina was a listening ear, someone to ask questions to and hand my bundle of (screaming) joy over to so I could have some, much needed, time to myself.  She is such a warm, caring and knowledgeable person who just makes you breathe easier when there; she is not only a baby carer but also a mum carer.

It was through having the support of Gina that got me through the tough times and helped me be a better mum for taking care of myself; my only regret is not calling her sooner.  I now understand the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"... we are not meant to struggle on our own.”

Hayley from Bardon QLD     

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